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Hi! is a blog run by Else Ravneberg. Blog is mostly in Norwegian. Sorry about that 🙂  Blog is aimed mainly towards fly fishers, anglers and small fishculture farms involved in restocking programs of large or small rivers and/or lakes. Mainly trout and salmon. Fiskedama has also worked in Zambia with Three Spotted Kafue Bream (tilapia) has extensive background in both restocking of wild fish (Norway) and fish farm management (Norway, Iceland, Zambia), especially the fresh water part (stripping eggs / fertilization / incubation / start feeding / growth etc. ) main focus is on:
*  Animal / Fish welfare
*  Prophylactic treatment
*  Environmentally friendly solutions ( e.g. SEA SALT for ecto parasites)
*  Healthy and robust fish for restocking programs has Ms.Sc. Aquaculture degree (1991) with Norwegian University of Life Sciences. is approved wholeseller of:
*  PlayWader  (Kids waterproofs) – Norwegian design – manufactured in Poland
*  PROS (Professional Waterproof Clothing and Footwear) – Polish design – manufactured in Poland
*  DEMAR (boots) – Polish design – manufactured in Poland

mobile : + 47 93261652 (Norway)   + 353 (0) 858186676 (Ireland)

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